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DC-3 Dreams Downloads

Also see the DC-3 Product Download Site and the ASCOM Download Section for more downloads

PinPoint Catalog Tables (558Kb, ZIP)

GSC-ACT correction tables, and accelerators for the Tycho-2 catalog. Needed for PinPoint usage of these catalogs. Unzip into the same directlry as PinPoint.dll, usually C:\Program Files\Common Files\ASCOM\PinPoint.

PinPoint Doubles (100Kb, zip)

Dr. John McClusky's double-star reduction and photometry package using PinPoint. PinPoint Doubles is a program written using PinPoint and is designed for the semi-automated measurement of double stars. It is based on Visual PinPoint (and uses Visual PinPoint's solve program code). The program uses an input file which includes each double's RA and Dec, Separation, and PA, the magnitudes of the primary and secondary, and the root file name for the images of each double. The output data is written to the file Doubles.txt in the image directory. For more info, contact Dr. McClusky at

ACP 1.3 VOX Tool (10KB, zip)

This little VB program frees you from pressing Scroll Lock to have ACP 1.3 listen. Instead, you just say "computer" and ACP's microphone will open. The ZIP file includes a ready-to-run executable plus all sources and project files for VB6.